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A Winning Day for Dennis

Client Dennis L.

You're Never Prepared For This Kind of Left Turn...

CEO Joe Richert's "unabridged" letter from the Spring 2011 Special Edition

Dear Friends,

It’s an exciting time at Special Tree! We’re really looking forward to moving into our new “digs” at the NeuroCare Center. There are other exciting things happening, however, I would like to pen my modest missive to everyone surrounding an incredible journey that our father, Doctor Richert, and family took this spring.

My Story

By Stephen McConnaughey, Outpatient Client

Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month With Some "Smart Moves" for Your Family

In recognition of National Physical Therapy Month, the American Physical Therapy Association is focusing on fitness and wellness. The organization offers these tips for families to prevent and combat obesity.

● Plan weekend family activities involving physical activity, such as hiking, swimming, bicycling, mini-golf, tennis, or bowling.

● Help your child plan physical activities with friends and neighbors, such as skating or softball.