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Clients in Special Tree's Day Treatment Services program at the Troy Neuro Skills Center decided to express their excitment for Thanksgiving by making up a song in their weekly music session.  Outpatient client Stephen M. who leads the group, played his guitar while the clients sang...

"I Love Turkey Day"

Chorus:  I Love Turkey Day - sung 3x

We have appetizers, deviled eggs, ham roll-ups, and shrimp
Along with fancy crackers and spinach dip

X Chorus

Thanks to the Native Americans and Pilgrims for inventing this day,
Thanksgiving is here, time to eat away!

X Chorus

Turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy
Mac and cheese, casserole with green beans if you please

X Chorus

Sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie,
Lots of redi-whip, oh me, oh my!
Like to thank God for this beautiful day,

Enjoyed friends and family, time to hit the hay!