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Bringing Home the Science of Caring 

As clients make progress in their recovery from brain and spinal cord injury, rehabilitation goals may focus on returning home or living independently in the community.  To better serve those who are ready to make the transition home, Special Tree’s continuum of services includes Home Health Care, a home-based program that provides specialized care and support to help clients achieve their goals for more independence. 

The Home Health Care team, comprised of brain and spinal cord injury specialists, work closely with Special Tree’s experienced therapy team to ensure the right mix of supports are always in place to help each client make steady progress while also increasing quality of life.  Comprehensive assessments help the team develop functionally-based goals that are tailored to client’s individual needs and living situation. 

Home Health Care is customized to each client’s needs and includes:

  • Person-Centered Care + Support to Maximize Safety and Recovery
  • Functionally-Based Goals + Daily Documentation for Optimal Outcomes
  • Psychological Counselling + Assessments
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Community Integration Support
  • Medication Management
  • Pediatric In-home Behavioral Support

To learn more please call 734-893-1143.